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September 21-23
Three Day CareerMapping™ Workshop, Phoenix Indian Center, Phoenix, AZ

October 5
Arizona Private School Association Training Expo 2101, Phoenix, AZ

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New Class, Find Your Joy

Company Store open January 2010

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Welcome to Katreena.com, I’m glad you’re here. It probably means that you’re planning an event and are looking for a dynamic speaker. Your goal is probably to find someone who will really come through for you, connect with your team and engage them in interesting, interactive and useful workshops that provide practical information and tools they can take back to the workplace resulting in amazing outcomes for group success.

That’s my goal too!

I love what I do; in fact, I’d do it tomorrow if I won the lottery today! But more than just loving what I do, I believe in my message. A message about taking your employees to a whole new level of productivity where teams achieve great things through the use of Corporate Dream Circles and by embracing the concept of Collaborative Achievement.

I believe that the cornerstones of corporate success are effective communication, clear vision of purpose, loyalty amongst team members and inspiring leadership. I believe you achieve this by way of building and maintaining strong, healthy work relationships, by molding remarkable managers and giving them the tools to become extraordinary leaders.

That’s my goal too!

To help you help your team define, experience, learn and embrace a new way to take your team upstairs, to make work fun again, to make work-work right again.

I’d appreciate an opportunity to talk to you further about your goals for staff training and development. Call me, let’s brainstorm and determine if I am the right person for your team’s vision.

Express Network
The Southwest Valley Express Network of the American Business Women’s Association.

To learn more about the American Business Women’s Association you may visit their website at:
"Begin each day in a thoughtful way. Pray, meditate or just sit and be in a state of gratitude. When we begin our day in contemplation, we live that day and our lives with creative and beautiful intention. Don’t be so serious about being serious! Make sure you take time, in your life, for fun, for frivolity and for good ‘ole, straight up, unadulterated laughter and joy. It’s sunshine for your heart and it’s music for your soul."

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